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      What Parents Say
      Why TCS is our #1 Choice
      As a parent and clinical psychologist, I chose The Children’s School for my children because of the unique academic and socio-emotional curriculum it provides to children of all ages. The educational philosophy of TCS is holistic, in that it fosters child development in multiple domains: academic/cognitive, social, emotional, and physical. 
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      The Case for Child-Centered Active Learning: A Neurobiologist's Perspective
      For most people, reading a recipe or a text on brain surgery confers little benefit to performance of the task. Rather, we learn these things best by doing them. Through active engagement, we acquire an understanding of time and space, we learn the meaning and utility of tools and materials, we develop an appreciation for the value of measurement, we internalize and apply concepts of logic, causality and interaction, and we attain the ability to make wise decisions and accurate predictions about the consequences of our actions.
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      The Hallmark of TCS
      TCS is a thriving community where the curriculum and social environment empowers students to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.
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      What Parent Could Wish for More?
      We chose The Children's School for our son nine years ago (our daughter followed a year later). There was no question in our minds that the educational theory behind the program made sense. Children learn best when they are active participants. Well, of course. 
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      A Beloved Partner in Our Son's Learning
      I have three observations about Ellen that I believe are worth sharing – her excellence as a teacher, particularly in developing young readers and fostering intellectual curiosity; her attentiveness to her students, both as individuals and how they function collectively; and her interactions with parents.
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      It Was the Process
      I just got back from an amazing math presentation by a First Grade teacher, a Kindergarten teacher, and a Third Grade teacher this morning - they are in the second year of a three year math training program called CGI. For those of you who couldn't make it, I was so blown away that I feel compelled to share how the presentation helped me remember what I love about The Children's School. 
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      What Alums Say
      10 Questions with a TCS Alum  

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      Featured Alum
      10 Questions with a TCS Alum: David Goldberg
      David Goldberg, Sophomore at La Jolla High