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      Strategic Planning

      The Board of Trustees are in the process of executing a five-year strategic plan for The Children's School.  The voices and opinions of the TCS community were crucial to this process in order to affirm our mission, values, and strengths as a school and to identify areas for further improvement. 
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Q. Why is TCS engaged in strategic planning?

      What is the objective of the strategic planning process?

      Q. Who is responsible for strategic planning?

      Q. What were the opportunities for the community to engage in the strategic planning process?

      Q. By engaging in surveys and discussions about the future of TCS, are the different TCS constituencies, such as teachers and parents, expected to know what is best for TCS in the future?

      Q. Does strategic planning mean everything is “changing” at TCS?

      Q. What is the result of this process? What is the TCS Strategic Plan?
      Core Values
      At TCS, we understand that children are:
      • Unique individuals with learning styles that reflect their distinctive personalities and abilities.
      • Holistic beings with intellectual, social, emotional, and physical capacities to learn and be creative.
      • Social beings who seek interaction and who are increasingly interested in engaging with a wider set of people as they mature.
      At TCS, we maintain a school environment characterized by:
      • Faculty, administrators and staff who are committed to maintaining a safe, trustworthy, respectful, and inclusive environment for each child.
      • Experienced faculty who create a learning milieu where children anticipate joyful, positive and challenging experiences.
      • Diverse families who contribute to the inclusiveness and integration of multiple viewpoints and groups in the community.
      • Comprehensive technological and media resources to support learning.
      • Enrichment programs that extend opportunities for learning before, during, and after school.
      At TCS, the integrated curriculum:
      • Stimulates academic and intellectual growth by providing opportunities to develop a strong knowledge base and critical thinking skills through developmentally appropriate project-based, hands-on, real world applications that integrate traditional academic disciplines.
      • Focuses on developmentally appropriate opportunities for social growth through deliberate instruction and modeling of respect, responsibility, teamwork and leadership.
      • Is robust and flexible to support differentiation of the learning experience for each child.
      • Fosters creativity through applications of music and art embedded in classroom learning.
      • Affords opportunities for physical education to foster sportsmanship and promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle.
      At TCS, our graduates:
      • Demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and critical thinking skills.
      • Know how to learn and take responsibility for their learning.
      • Demonstrate the ability to use technology and adapt to technological change.
      • Demonstrate respect for all members of the community.
      • Demonstrate the ability to participate as a team member or leader.
      • Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the importance of sustainability in the natural environment.
      Strategic Planning Process PowerPoint
      For more information about the Strategic Planning at TCS, please take a look at the following powerpoint presentation (converted to a .pdf file). This was presented to the community in January 2012 during a Parent Association meeting.