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      Specialty Classes

      The Arts
      Physical Education
      The Children's School, La Jolla recognizes the importance of the arts to a high-quality education and life. Art and music are ways in which individuals both express themselves and interpret the world around them.
      Studies show that regular art classes can:
      • foster imagination
      • allow children to view a subject from multiple perspectives
      • develop critical thinking and planning skills
      • build self-confidence by allowing art school students to do personally satisfying, publicly acknowledged work
      Regular musical classes can:
      • develop spatial-temporal reasoning, the key to understanding mathematics and science
      • enhance coordination and concentration
      • build a sense of accomplishment through a mastery of songs or the ability to play an instrument
      Integrating the Arts
      At the TCS private school, art classes are fully integrated into our school-wide academic curriculum. Students engage in interdisciplinary projects in which visual arts, music and performance are used to help students understand what they are learning and to communicate this new knowledge to others. Exploration of the arts engages children in the learning process and allows them to make connections between different subjects while also developing planning and problem-solving skills. Integrating the arts into the curriculum brings academic topics to life in interesting, colorful ways that resonate with children of all ages.

      Specialty Classes
      All TCS private school students attend regular art and music classes, learning hands-on skills from talented, enthusiastic teachers. Through our afterschool enrichment classes, students may choose to participate in dance and movement classes and develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the performing arts. Lorna Diamond, director of The Dance Academy at The Children's School, teaches the dance classes. In addition, all TCS students take part in the school's signature art program, Great Artists. At TCS, we're proud of how our art school programs inspire children creatively. We encourage you to learn more about them.
      Learn More About...
      Classroom teachers integrate art into learning at every opportunity. In addition, beginning in prekindergarten, all students attend regular art classes taught by the school’s art teacher, Carrie Nash Difini.

      Children can enroll in a variety of private dance classes held on campus through the school’s partnership with The Dance Academy.

      The Great Artists program, now in its 17th year, is a schoolwide in-depth, cross-curricular study of a specific artist over a six-week period.

      The musical education program at TCS exposes children to a range of musical styles while also teaching musical theory, history, and application.