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      "The mission of The Children’s School is to inspire each child's unique potential and desire for life-long learning through a strong academic, social and environmental curriculum."
      Experienced and passionate, TCS progressive education teachers bring learning to life. They connect learning to what children already know and to what they want to know. They create joyful classroom communities so that students feel confident in taking academic risks and free to develop socially. And they understand that children learn in different ways and flourish with individual guidance.

      We believe that private schools share a responsibility in developing each child’s character. Our progressive school-wide social curriculum fosters each student's ability to communicate, to problem-solve and to treat others with compassion and respect.

      You won't see an emphasis on memorizing facts at TCS in La Jolla. Robust and interdisciplinary, our academic school curriculum teaches math, writing, reading, science, art, technology, music, social studies, literature, physical education and Spanish. Yet rather than teaching subjects in isolation, we strive to weave numerous disciplines into all learning, giving students a deep appreciation of the true interconnectedness of the world.

      We are a progressive school community in San Diego based on shared values and priorities. We are a community that cares. We are a place in which teachers, administrators and parents are united by the mission to provide students with the best progressive education possible and the joyful childhoods they deserve. Our parents take comfort in strong home-school partnerships. Our faculty members take pride in their work and responsibilities.
      Three Core Tenets
      As a progressive school, we believe three core tenets are vital to educating children:
      1. Academic development and social growth must be equally supported
      2. Students learn best when they take an active role in their education
      3. Teaching children how to learn is as important as teaching them what to learn
      For these reasons and many others, The Children’s School offers an independent school education like no other.